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Whiskey and Cognac


Whisky and Cognac are oversized males, each weighing approximately 120 pounds, with long, lanky legs.  They are brothers and have been together since they were born.  We would like to place them into a home together, because it would be heartbreaking to see one of them get a home without the other.

They first came to the rescue as puppies.  After being adopted once, they were returned a few years later when their new owners sold all of their worldly belongings to join a commune.  Needless to say, they could not bring the dogs along.  Whiskey and Cognac have been at the rescue ever since.  They are about 5 years old now, and share a kennel.  They are AKC registered.

These dogs require an experienced owner who is familiar with the German Shepherd breed.  They are extremely protective until they get to know you, but after that they are loving and trusting.  They are very well obedience trained, and can easily be walked together.  They are housebroken.  Their perfect home would be with someone who knows how to handle large dogs, and who has a place to keep the dogs when visitors come to the home.  No small animals, and no children under 13 years of age, please.  Whiskey and Cognac would really thrive in a big space with room to run and romp, but they are just as happy to sit at your feet and relax.

Whiskey and Cognac are very nice dogs, but they need a special home.  They have been featured on several local news broadcasts that showcase dogs looking for homes.  Although we have had several interested parties, no one has adopted them yet.  These guys have been looking for their home for a long time now.


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