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Wiley has personality plus!  He is a cute 5-6 month old white male.  Wiley is a typical puppy, with loads of energy to spare.  He will need a family who has the time to care for a puppy, and is willing to take him through some obedience training.  Wiley is becoming quite a handsome young boy, and will be a good size when he is full grown.  He has huge ears, and is doing his best to grow into them!

Wiley was rescued from an animal shelter on his last day.  A rescuer with another breed-rescue group spotted him as he was being walked to the back to be put to sleep!  She stopped them in their tracks and rescued Wiley right on the spot.  He is one lucky pup, and is now looking forward to finding a loving family who will care for him and teach him to be a wonderful family dog.


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