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Zaire and Chaka


Zaire and Chaka are two littermates who are inseparable.  They were very frightened when they first came into the rescue, but have since settled down now that they know that we love them.  They are two years old, and are AKC registered.  They are very sweet and loving dogs, and will be loyal companions.  They just need someone with some patience and lots of love because they are having a rough time understanding why they lost their home.

Because they were used to being left alone in the backyard, they learned to bark at strange noises that they heard just outside their fence.  These boys need someone to train them that they don't have to be "on duty" all of the time.  They are friendly dogs, but they feel that it is their job to patrol the property at nighttime!

Zaire and Chaka were brought to the rescue because their family was putting in a pool and they did not want the dogs anymore.


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