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Alexis is a beautiful 3 year old black and tan female.  She is AKC registered from a breeder in Northridge.  She is very sweet and a little shy, but she warms right up once she gets to know you.  She loves attention and enjoys being scratched and petted.

Alexis has so much to say.  She wants a sympathetic ear to give her a minute.  She doesn't understand why she is in a kennel.  She just talks and talks and looks at you with her big soulful eyes.  Obviously, this is a girl who is used to better.  She is a 3 year old black and tan who has her AKC registration papers.  Her registered name is Shadow San.  Her birth day is May 6, 1998.  Alexis is also micro-chipped.  She is a very sweet, elegant looking dog.  She gets along well with other dogs and possibly cats.  When introduced to the pheasant at German Shepherd Rescue, she had no interest.  She loves to go for a ride.

Alexis and her brother, Axle, were brought to a local shelter because their owners no longer wanted them.  They waited for someone to fall in love with them, but their time was running out.  On their last day at the shelter, a woman decided to adopt Axle, but could only take one of the dogs.  Poor Alexis watched as her brother, whom she spent her entire life with, was lead away.  A volunteer at the shelter notified us about Alexis, and helped us to get her out of the shelter and into the rescue.  Alexis is patiently waiting at the rescue for her new family to find her, and she is looking forward to starting over with people who will love and cherish her!


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