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Athena is a magnificent looking black and red female, approximately 7 to 8 years old.  She is big and grand in stature--probably around 80 pounds--with a regal, German appearance.  Athena was named for the Greek goddess of wisdom because she is a balanced and gentle girl who is quiet and good-natured around other dogs.

  Athena is a breast cancer survivor.  Because her family neglected to have her spayed and chose instead to breed her, she developed a number of mammary tumors, which if not removed, could have taken her life.  While everyone else turned away from this sweet senior at a crowded animal shelter, German Shepherd Rescue vowed not to let her life end in a cold cement cell.

Athena has had the first of two surgeries to remove the lumps.  According to the results of her biopsy, she has a very good chance of leading a happy life for several more years.  She will return to the hospital for a second surgery in September to remove the remainder of the tumors.  The rescue is currently raising money to pay for her second surgery, and any donation would be greatly appreciated.  We are hoping that someone will find it in their heart to give Athena the comfort and security of a loving home, regardless of how many years, months or weeks she may have left.  Please consider being the final home for this deserving senior dog.

Athena LOVES to play ball and she's great at catching!  Despite her age and her recent surgery, she really leaps to catch balls in the air!  She likes to carry her tennis ball around with her and drop it in her water dish while she's drinking.  Then, when it's nice and soggy, she picks it back up and tries to get some unsuspecting person to toss it for her!  She knows how to sit on command.

Athena is good natured and gentle around children and other dogs.

Athena is currently in a boarding facility because the rescue is full.  If you wish to meet her, please fill out an application by clicking on the button below, or call (714) 773-5915 and ask how you can arrange to meet Athena.


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