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Bear is a super friendly 6 month old black and tan boy who is growing FAST!  He already weighs 60 pounds and is expected to grow to be around 85-90 pounds when he is full grown.  Bear's father is a Police K9 from the San Bernardino area.  One of his ears points north and the other points rather westward...

Bear gets along very well with all other dogs.  He has a lot of puppy energy, but listens well and does his best to please.  He will respond very well to obedience training.

Bear's family moved from a rural area where he was allowed to run loose.  He got out of his new yard, was hit by a car, and suffered a broken front leg.  His family did not have the means to pay for the surgery to repair his leg, and they brought him to a veterinarian to have Bear put to sleep.  The vet contacted us immediately.  We have had his leg set (his cast comes off on March 20), and he is expected to make a full recovery.  Bear will make a wonderful addition to any dog-loving family.

Bear is currently in a boarding facility because the rescue is full.  If you wish to meet him, please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (714) 773-5915 and ask how you can arrange to meet Bear.



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