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Sammi and Boe are two beautiful boys who were given up by their family.  Sammi is a huge, elegant classic looking boy who is confident.  Boe is very worried at the Rescue and would only come out as far as to give his brother a kiss in the next kennel.  Both boys are 4 years old.  They have been in a family with children and cats.  These two boys haven't had the best of care, so we are hoping to find them a very special family the second time around.  We would like to place them into a home together if possible, because Boe really relies on his more confident brother, Sammi.

Boe is AKC registered as "Boe Romero", and comes from a breeder in West Covina.  Boe was born on May 24, 1998.

Sammi and Boe were brought to the rescue because their family was moving, and did not want to take these sweet boys along to the new home.

What are we doing here?  We should be at home!


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