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You can't get a handsomer fellow than Butch, a classic 4 1/2 year old black and tan male.  He is large, and well built.  Butch is calm, stately and self-assured, even though his life has just been turned up-side-down.  He is housebroken and has been in a family with children.  He is very gentle and loves attention.  Butch is good with other dogs.  He likes to go for rides in the car and nice, leisurely walks.

Butch was adopted from the rescue years ago.  His owners are getting a divorce and each moving to an apartment.  The reason that they got Butch in the first place was to be a companion for their female German Shepherd that they got elsewhere.  Not only did they return Butch to the rescue, but they asked us to put their female shepherd on our waiting list to come into the rescue when we have a space.  We are doing the best that we can to save her as well, because she will end up at the pound if we are not able to take her.


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