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Hi everybody!!!  My name is Cassidy.  I am 3 months old, and I am a beautiful black and red sweetie-pie.  I have the most beautiful shiny coat you have ever seen.  

I am so smart, I already know how to sit, and I can even shake.  I love to go for long walks and give kisses.  Cuddling is another one of my favorite past times.  By the looks of things, I will be a pretty big girl when I grow up.  But, remember, I'm still a little kid and I'm going to chew up stuff, have an accident or two in the house until I'm potty trained, and just sometimes do naughty stuff cause that's what puppies do, ya know.

I can chase a ball too, I just haven't got the hang of bringing it back yet.  Actually, it's really fun when you chase me to try and get the ball back (hee hee).

Somehow, I ended up at a really scary place called an animal shelter.  There I was, all scared and alone when German Shepherd Rescue showed up and got me outta there.  I'm spayed, and have my shots, and I'm all clean and pretty.  Now all I need is my very own family.  Anybody out there have the next 10 to 15 yrs to love a great little furkid like me?

Cassidy is currently in a foster home.  If you wish to meet her, please fill out the application by clicking on the button below, or call (714) 206-9002 and ask how you can arrange to meet Cassidy.

All pupped out!


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