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This is Rocky (on the left) and Champion (Champ to his friends).  Champ will be turning three years old this year.  He is a black and tan shepherd with soft ears, which gives him a lot of character.  He loves people of all ages - kids to adults.  Champ loves to swim in the pool, and can play with a tennis ball for hours.  He is also good with cats and other dogs.

Rocky and Champ's owner got a divorce and cannot keep her home.  She is moving into an apartment that will not allow large dogs.  Although we would love to place the dogs together, they can be adopted separately.


Champ has been adopted, but Rocky is still looking for a new home before the end of the month.  Rocky is very obedient and calm.  He would fit right into any household and be a wonderful family member.  Can you help Rocky to find his home?


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