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Cinder (aka Cindy)


Cinder is a gorgeous, all black 18 month old female.  She has lots of playful energy, but is pretty well behaved.  She gets along well with other dogs.  She weighs around 65-70 pounds and has a beautiful thick and shiny coat.  She is very friendly, and is good with children.  She thinks that she is a lap dog, and loves attention.

Cinder recently represented German Shepherd Rescue at a "Halloween Party" held at a local church to benefit the rescue.  She had a wonderful time, and did really well.  She seemed to enjoy all of the attention that she received.

Cinder was adopted from the rescue when she was just a youngster.  However, she and another dog in the home were turned back in to the rescue because they were barking.  Sadly, this normal and correctable dog behavior was unacceptable to Cinder's owner, and instead of solving the problem, they returned Cinder to us.


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