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Daisy is a 2 year old classic black and tan female.  She loves everyone, and is very friendly.  She gets along well with other dogs once she is introduced to them.  Daisy walks well on a leash, and she is housebroken.  She will chase cats, so we recommend a home without cats or very small dogs.

Daisy and two other dogs that she lived with got out of their yard and were picked up by animal control.  The owner could not afford to pay the fees to get the dogs out of the shelter, and left all three of them there to await their fate.  Poor Daisy and her friends waited for their owner to come, but sadly, they had been abandoned.

We just rescued Daisy, and she is due to arrive at the rescue the weekend of January 13-14.  Please contact us by emailing if you are interested in meeting Daisy!


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