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Diabla is a 9-10 month old black and tan female.  She has one soft ear, which gives her character.  She is very sweet and loving, and gets along with other dogs.  She was in a home with children.  She is playful and intelligent, and responds well to training.

Diabla and two littermates were living in a boarded up side-yard next to someone's home.  They were not being cared for, and were basically ignored.  When a concerned citizen asked their owner if these three dogs had at least been spayed and neutered so that they would not breed, the owner said that it was too expensive.  At that point, this kind rescuer offered to take the dogs and find them a new home.  The owner gladly agreed, anxious to get rid of the three dogs.  All three are now at the rescue waiting for a home with a family who will love and cherish them.


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