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German Shepherd Rescue has Faith...

And she is now safe...  

We received calls from two different people at a local animal shelter about a German Shepherd they had picked up after being hit by a car.  This beautiful girl had been thrown from an overpass into oncoming traffic, and was hit by at least one car, maybe two.  Horrified on-lookers watched this gruesome scene, and called animal control to get help.  Even though she was wearing a license, no one responded to the notice that was sent out by Animal Control.  She was no longer wanted...


German Shepherd Rescue stepped in to help this beautiful girl...  Even though she was bandaged, covered with injuries and so very scared, this little girl is a lover.  Faith reminds us a lot of another special dog who also endured a rough beginning, Savannah.

While our volunteer waited in the waiting room of the Vet's office to have her treated, a little boy about 4 years old came over and asked what happened to Faith.  When he heard her story, he asked if he could pet her.  As frightened as she was, as abused as she had been, when that little boy started to pet her, Faith just looked at him as if to say..."Thank you for your kindness".  When he stopped petting her, he asked her "Did you like that?".  This sweet little girl gently licked his face to show her appreciation.  Everyone in the waiting room had tears in their eyes...  

German Shepherd Rescue named this young girl "Faith" because she has survived on the faith that someone will finally love and cherish her.  Are you that someone that she has been hoping to find?
  Faith is currently in boarding at a veterinary office while she recovers from her cuts and bruises.  If you wish to meet her, please fill out our online adoption application here or call (714) 206-9002 and ask how you can arrange to meet Faith.


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