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Gabby is a sweet 2 year old white German Shepherd female who will be a big girl when she fills out.  We expect her to weigh in around 80-85 pounds.  She has a shiny white coat and appears to have been well cared for.

Gabby has just arrived, so we are getting to know her better.  She had been selected to be put to sleep on the day that she was rescued because the animal shelter where she ended up was overcrowded.  German Shepherd Rescue got there just in time to save her life.  Now we need you to help us give her a wonderful home so that she can live out the rest of her years in a loving environment.

Gabby is currently in a boarding facility because the rescue is full.  If you wish to meet her, please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (310) 838-6694 and ask how you can arrange to meet Gabby.


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