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German Shepherd Rescue got a frantic call from a volunteer at a local shelter asking us to come and look at a "German Shepherd" puppy.  When our volunteer arrived, there in the cold, cement cage sat an adorable puppy all right--but he wasn't exactly a German Shepherd.  One look into his big, pleading eyes and our volunteer knew that she could not leave him there to take his chances with life and death.

Georgie is probably a German Shepherd/Akita mix.  He has beautiful brindle colored markings and a thick, healthy coat.  He looks like a cute little teddy bear now, but Georgie will soon grow to be between 65 and 75 pounds.  He is very playful and does well with other dogs.  He has already been neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed.  We are seeking a home for Georgie that has had experience owning a large, powerful dog.  We do not recommend him for a family with children under the age of 10 as he can be rather protective of his food.  Georgie is around 5 months old.

Georgie was surrendered to the shelter by owners who said that they could not afford to care for him.

Georgie is currently in boarding.  If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an application by clicking on the button below, or call (714) 773-5915 and ask about meeting Georgie.

Santa... I want some treats, and a soft bed, and more treats, and a ball, and more treats, and a nice, warm home for the holidays!


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