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Hank is a 6 year old black and tan male.  He has classic markings, and weighs about 80-90 pounds.

Hank and his littermate, Max, lost their home when their owner decided not to keep the dogs.  It has taken them a long time to adjust to life at the rescue, but they are now starting to trust the volunteers.  These poor dogs have been given very little love and affection, and so they are not used to receiving any.  Although they will need an experienced shepherd owner, we feel confident that they will learn to love and trust their new people.

These devoted brothers are from the Pepper of Rothgar Kennels and are registered with the American Kennel Club.  They were born on Aug. 17,1995.  They lived with a family that had children and cats.  Their owners never had any time for the dogs.  The dogs almost seem to be gaining their self-respect back now that they feel that they are worthy of affection.  They like to go for a ride in the car.  Whomever adopts these two deserving dogs will be rewarded with devoted and loyal companions who will blossom into the most handsome and spectacular dogs.


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