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Indee is a sweet and obedient 5 year old AKC girl whose family made the very difficult decision not to take her with them to Australia when they had a job transfer.  Australia's quarantine laws would have required that Indee stay in a government quarantine kennel for 6 months before she could join her family.  Her heartbroken owners thought that she might not survive this period, so they asked us for help for their precious girl.

Indee has had the best of everything in her life and is very depressed at being homeless.  She has completed obedience training, she is friendly to all other dogs, children and humans.  She walks very well on a leash and she is calm and quiet in the car.  Indee must take an enzyme supplement with her food every day to help her digestion.  She will require this medication (pancreazyme) for the rest of her life.

Indee has been a beloved family member for five years and we are anxious to get her back into a loving environment so that the twinkle can return to her eye.  Won't you please consider opening your heart to this sweet and gentle girl?

Indee is currently in a boarding facility.  If you wish to meet her, please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (714) 773-5915 and ask how you can arrange to meet Indee.



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