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Special Need:  We are currently running low on chain slip/control collars for our dogs.  Our volunteers and trainers use them while walking the dogs to give corrections, and we usually like to send you home with one as part of your new dog adoption kit to start your training off on the right paw.  If you have a spare or old one that you could donate, or if you’re in the pet store and wouldn’t mind picking one up for our pups, we would greatly appreciate it.  18″-24″ are usually a good fit for German Shepherds.  Thanks!!!


Please don’t forget to
It expires once a year on September 1st.  If your RALPH’S receipt doesn’t say “GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE” on the very bottom it needs to be renewed.

If you need help signing up just email or call us and we can walk you through it.

Community Rewards Program

Meet Benson!

A German Shepherd Rescue Success Story!

Benson was bailed out of the North Central Animal Shelter on his last day in 2012.  He was found as a stray roaming around Downtown L.A. for months.  His time on the streets made him a bit of a loner, and it was like he forgot how to be a dog.  Although he seemed good with strangers and affectionate, being in a shelter environment caused him a lot of stress.  And the longer he was here the worse it got.  Despite our volunteers’ best efforts to connect with him he became food aggressive, people aggressive, we assumed he’d be dog aggressive, and it just seemed like no one was ever interested in adopting him.

And then along came Dustin…

Dustin recently moved to L.A. and according to his adoption application he had loads of shepherd experience.  We had a feeling and asked him to come meet Benson.  While the volunteers nervously waited in the office, our trainer Dave introduced Benson to Dustin.  After a while we went outside to see how things were going and found Dustin and Benson wrestling and playing with each other!  Benson seemed so tuned in to this guy he had just met.  Benson had finally found a home!  While being loaded into the car he actually bit Dustin on the hand, and as he started bleeding we all thought this was the end, but Dustin just shrugged and acknowledged there was some work to be done.  Benson now gets lots of exercise at the beach and has a new little friend to play with whom Dustin reports is really pushing him to be a better dog.  Check out the photos to see Benson today!

“This man [John Thornton] had saved his life, which was something; but, further, he was the ideal master.  Other men saw to the welfare of their dogs from a sense of duty and business expediency; he saw to the welfare of his as if they were his own children, because he could not help it.  And he saw further.  He never forgot a kindly greeting or a cheering word, and to sit down for a long talk with them (‘gas’ he called it) was as much his delight as theirs.  He had a way of taking Buck’s head roughly between his hands, and resting his own head upon Buck’s, of shaking him back and forth, the while calling him ill names that to Buck were love names.  Buck knew no greater joy than that rough embrace and the sound of murmured oaths, and at each jerk back and forth it seemed that his heart would be shaken out of his body so great was its ecstasy.  And when, released, he sprang to his feet, his mouth laughing, his eyes eloquent, his throat vibrant with un-uttered sound, and in that fashion remained without movement, John Thornton would reverently exclaim, ‘God! You can all but speak!’

Buck had a trick of love expression that was akin to hurt.  He would often seize Thornton’s hand in his mouth and close so fiercely that the flesh bore the impress of his teeth for some time afterward.  And as Buck understood the oaths to be love words, so the man understood this feigned bite for a caress.”

from “The Call of the Wild”

Jack London

The dog days of summer are upon us!  It also means that flea and tick season is upon us as well.  Dogs can catch fleas and ticks year round in Southern California, but in the summertime with the warm weather they are extra chompy.  We are asking for donations of Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs (The purple package with the Dalmatian on the front) to make sure that when you welcome your new shepherd into your home you don’t get any uninvited guests.


When it comes to a doggie bed, not all of our dogs are as lucky as C.J.


C.J. - Adopted 2012


Wish List Request:  We’re making a special donation request for Kuranda Beds for some of our dogs.  They are a comfortable, elevated, chew-proof, easy-to-clean dog bed that lifts the dog off the cold hard concrete and provides firm orthopedic support for older dogs or dogs with joint discomfort.  It would be a valuable donation that would last for years to come and benefit many dogs while they wait for their forever homes (and forever beds).  The Large or X-Large sizes would be ideal for German Shepherds.

Kuranda Bed


Special Need: We are extremely low on wet canned food. If you are interested in helping out the dogs perhaps the next time you are at Costco or Trader Joe’s grab a few cans or a case of wet food for the dogs in Burbank. They are used to eating Pedigree or Trader Joe’s canned food that we mix with dry. The dogs will appreciate it. Thanks. Woof woof!

Welcome to the German Shepherd Rescue website.

We are located 417 North Moss st.  Burbank CA. 91502
Our hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.   Please be aware that we only answer phone calls during this time.
Our available dogs are always changing, so please return to our website often.

Check out this story by the L.A. Times about a senior dog we rescued who found his forever home.,0,1193566.story


We thank the Pedigree Foundation for their support.

The PEDIGREE foundation logo is a trademark of Mars, incorporated and is used with permission

We would like to thank Trader Joe’s and Natural Balance for their continuous food donations.


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