Meet Lola.  She is an older female.  She is very friendly with strangers and maybe kids.  She has beautiful markings and a wonderful disposition.  Unfortunately, Lola isn’t currently in the best of health.  As you can see from her photos she was badly neglected.  The pics of her lying on the ground are of when she was first found by a previous adopter from GSRescue.  The photo above is after a few weeks of being nursed back to health right before she was brought to us.  She is very skinny and was limping, barely letting her hind leg touch the ground.  After a few weeks of good meals and a soft place to sleep we are already seeing a much happier side of her coming out.  It’s hard to tell exactly how old she is because of how bad she’s been neglected.  It doesn’t look like whatever is impairing her leg is immediately life-threatening so we fully believe she has much to look forward to.

Lola is currently in foster care and as you can see from her new pics she is settling in nicely and already doing much much better!  Despite the fact that she was in such horrible shape and several vets suggested she just be put out of her misery she is making so much progress and is in such good spirits!  Her foster parents report that she already knows how to use the doggie door and she gets along wonderfully with another GSD and several small dogs in the house.

Any donations to help with her care are much appreciated.  Her vet bills will be running into the thousands so every donation will help to give her the best chance at a new life.  And if you have the space in your home and your heart to care for Lola then we will be very happy to help her become a part of your family.