You can help!

You can help, here are some ideas.

Adopt a homeless animal!Got room in your heart and home for another pet?  Consider adopting a homeless dog or cat.  But please consider your decision carefully before you decide to bring a new pet home!  It is a commitment that you make for the lifetime of that pet.  Click here to see the list of dogs at our rescue who are looking for a new home.

If you are looking for another breed of dog, or to rescue a cat or another type of animal, please do a search on the internet.  There are rescue groups for almost every breed of dog, cat rescue groups, and even groups who rescue small animals, reptiles or birds!

Be a foster home! If you can open your home to a dog who needs a temporary foster home, click here for more information.  We often have puppies, or dogs with special medical needs who require a short-term home while they are recovering from surgery, or while they are looking for their forever home.
Support your local animal shelter!
We encourage people to adopt dogs from their local shelter whenever possible.  There are wonderful purebred dogs that end up there through no fault of their own.  These dogs are desperately looking for a new home, and they only get a small window of opportunity to get adopted.

If you can build up the nerve to walk through your local shelter, you will find many wonderful dogs!  And you will be saving his or her life when you adopt them!  Click here to visit some websites to see photos of just a few of the dogs that are in local shelters right now!  If you see a dog that you would like to adopt, call the shelter or get over there IMMEDIATELY!  Don’t wait!

Sarah at the shelter.

Sarah at the rescue.

Ginger at the shelter

Ginger at the rescue.

Can’t adopt a dog?  Sponsor one at the rescue!
For $50 a month, you can sponsor a dog at the rescue.  We will put a nameplate on the kennel with your name to show your support.  Your donation will go directly into the care and feeding of the dogs!
Help a dog to get out of a shelter alive!
To rescue a dog from an animal shelter, we first have to pay to get them out.  We pay anywhere from $35 to $100 just to get a dog out of a shelter.  A donation in this range will help us to save a dog from dying at one of our local pounds!
Help a dog to stay with his or her family.
The most common reason that a dog loses it’s home is because their family is moving to an apartment that does not allow dogs!  Help us to put together a list of resources to allow pet owners to find “pet-friendly” housing.  Look for rental housing in your area that will allow big dogs, and send us the information so that we can share!  Click here for more information on this program.Click here to see the most common excuses we hear when someone is giving up their family dog.
Got some free time?  Volunteer to help the dogs.
If you have some time, drop by the rescue and help to walk dogs, feed them, transport to the vet, or just help out with odd jobs.  Click here to read more about volunteering.
Encourage everyone you know to spay or neuter their pets!
This sounds like a small thing, but every time a dog or cat is spayed or neutered, you will be saving hundreds of lives.  Animals that are left unsterilized can have litter after litter.  Many of these pets will end up unloved and unwanted at an animal shelter.  Please help us to stop the needless killing of these pets by getting the word out to spay and neuter! 
Help us to spread the word.
Tell all of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances about the rescue and what we do here.  Refer potential adopters to our website.  Hand out our newsletters and post them on bulletin boards in areas where animal lovers might see them.  Mention us to your vet and see if they can help by providing low-cost veterinary services or referring potential adopters to the rescue.  Ask your local pet supply store if they can help our efforts by donating food or other items. 
Send a donation to help a dog in need.
No donation is too small to help the dogs.
- A donation of $10 will help to pay for one night’s food and board for a dog that has no where else to go.
- For as little as $35, we can get a dog out of the pound.
- $70 will keep a dog safe in a boarding facility for a week until we have room for them at the rescue.
- A donation of $50-70 can be used to save the lives of hundreds of dogs by getting a dog spayed or neutered.
- Donations of all sizes can be pooled together to pay for medical bills.

Find more information on donations here.