Harley is a great dog who’s been with us at the Rescue for way too long.  He has rich black and reddish-brown coloring and is in great shape with no health problems.  He’s really aching for a structured environment with lots of exercise and rules and boundaries.  Harley would like to go to a home with an experienced dog owner who can help him maintain a relaxed state of mind.  He would do best as the only dog, and in a situation without children.  Once he gets to know you he’s very affectionate and playful, but still needs help remembering his manners. We all believe that once he’s out of the Rescue and in a home environment his rehabilitation will be remarkable.  If you’re up for a little bit of a challenge then Harley will be a rewarding companion.  If you’ve watched the Dog Whisperer and said, “Hey, I can do that!” then Harley could use a dedicated dog person like you, and your reward will be his incredible loyalty and love.


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