Adopted Dogs

We’ve put hundreds of dogs in wonderful homes over the past few years

Although we find homes for hundreds of German Shepherd Dogs every year, we still have to turn away dozens of dogs every week because we are at capacity.  Our waiting-list of dogs that need to be rescued is always long — too long. Daily, we receive phone calls and emails from owners who can no longer keep their dog, or from good Samaritans who beg us to help a particular dog in a high-kill animal shelter or in a bad situation. Although we would like to help every dog in need, our resources are stretched thin and we often don’t have the finances necessary to help even one more dog. Please click here to find out how to make a contribution so that we can continue to rescue these beautiful creatures.

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Until the pet overpopulation problem is under better control through spaying and neutering of companion animals, all we can do is to continue helping as many dogs as possible.  Sadly, even though we were successful in finding homes for all of the dogs listed above, there are many more that we had to turn away because our rescue is full.  We hope to help even more dogs this year, so that fewer of these wonderful pets have to die in local animal shelters!  Please help us by encouraging friends and family to spay and neuter their pets, and to be responsible pet owners!