Kryo is a magnificent 4 year old purebred sable. He has the looks commonly found in Eastern Europe, specifically The Czech Republic. He is easily one of the most handsome shepherds we’ve ever had.

We are currently seeking dog trainers or professionals who are experienced in working with military or police dogs, or working-line shepherds in general, who would be interested in adopting Kyro as a project. You need to understand that he cannot live with a family as a companion pet.  He has a very high intensity working drive commonly found in his type of shepherd breeding.  Kyro can lead a fulfilled balanced life if he’s given a positive outlet for his energy such as working dog training or Shutzhund work. You would need to start with the basics.  He hasn’t had much socialization or training, and needs to learn how to walk on a leash.  Kyro is yearning for a home and a job, and he loves to press his body up against the fence of his kennel to be scratched by the volunteers.

UPDATE – March 11, 2013:  Kyro is now living at our Tehachapi Ranch.  He has a huge grassy area to run around in and burn off some energy.  He seems happy to be able to stretch out after 2 years in his kennel at the Burbank facility.  However, we are still actively seeking an owner for Kyro (see above).  Even though he has a nicer run, it’s still no place for this incredible shepherd.  If you are interested in meeting Kyro please contact our Burbank Facility to arrange a visit.