Hail Cesar!  When the time has come for the Rise of the Planet of the Dogs, Cesar will be in charge!  Well, maybe not just yet.  In the meantime he would just prefer some humans to hang out with.  Cesar is a happy energetic guy who came to us in some pretty bad shape.  If his fur looks a little choppy in some places it’s because due to his longer coat and how dirty he was his fur was all matted and tangled into huge clumps that had to be cut away.  But with a little brushing he cleans up pretty nice and is ready to play!  He’s feeling so good now that he can’t help but jump up and down!  Cesar is about 4 years old.  He originally came from the West Valley Animal Shelter, but was then abandoned in Arleta.  He was rescued after almost being hit by a car.