Chloe - Adopted!!!

Meet Chloe!  She was recently brought to us by her owner with the hopes that we could a find her a family that will have more time to spend with her.  She is a very friendly 2 year old.  She is good around strangers and kids.  She walks fairly well on a leash and loves to get affection.  We also just discovered that she loves to play in water!  We have a baby pool that we set up every weekend for the dogs to cool off in and she just loved to jump in there and splash around with her front paws so if you have a pool she might be the girl for you!  She also encountered a little mouse in the street that was brave enough to just walk by us and she was mildly curious and just watched it so she might be good around other small pets.  We’ll know more about Chloe as we spend more time with her.