Adopted Dogs 2005


These dogs have found their homes in 2005:
Legend Artemis Harley
Elwood Boston Princess
Frank Dakota
Meeha Colby Nikko
Callie Morgan T-Rex
Jack Mace Apache
Tucker Montana Mia
Hemi Cleo Brendan
Nikki Maria Dakota
Penny Remington Nikki
Sabrina Kaylee Atlas
Titus Sasha Daisy
Angelo Siren Greta
Boris Keagan Buddy
Wulfie Huntington Adonis
Tiger Sasha Indigo
Joey Spike Jamaica
Cooper Molly Hansel and Gretel
Tatiana Dutch Westin
Meg Hula Lulu Belle
Sam Jo Big Jack
Butch Carly Buddy
Joe Black Skates Otto
Nicky Hurley Hedy
Gabriel Socks Penny
Martina Blackie Pirate
Spike Keifer Ruger
Candy Anyka Jackie
Hoagie Buck Tessa
Gilda Thomas Ivy
Toby Ty Talia
Prado Tess Victoria
Schultzie Alexis Maya
Bubba Chandler Zoey
Budd Jimmy D Tee-Pee
Gretchen Max Mars
Sid Daisy Xena
Sweetie Vinnie Lady
Nikko Max Sahara
George Bear Lucas
Rowdy Honey Bear Paris and Nicole
Max Angel Moritz
Eddie Maggie Boca
Xena Courtney Molly
Petra Samantha Sultan
Abby Ms. Sadie Maggie
Sadie Michael and Sarah Gabby
Stoli Ashley Walter
Sugar and Ray Caesar Joshua
Tex Nicky Lovely
Mickey Shadow Summer
Jessie Mack Champ
Coach Marcus
Brandy Princess Di Bear
Amy Freeway Joey
Boz Roxy Amber
Tipsy Ulysses Gina
Bailey Rex Lady
Shanti Snow White Hercules
Buddy Hannah Bugatti
Iris Puppies Brandy
Rex Percy Shy-Anne
Bella Captain Princess
Loki Luke Stetson
Ben Keesha Ava and Morghan
Lauren Lydia Duncan
Teddy Manny Cassidy
Carl Rosie and Charlie Big Joe
Maddie Elliott Chip
Cinders Siggy
Stryder Dawn Casey
Klute Molly Gypsy
Cassandra Nicolai Kobe
Ginger Rocco Delaney
Lulu Dana Willow
Monica Maxx and Penelope Howard
Clyde Jacob Faith, Hope, and Charity
Frankie Goliath Charlie
Candace Sam Ashley
Roxy Lucas
Sammy Winston Dallas
Pat Lavana Star
Lily Mama and Puppies Shasta
Maverick Tara Sophie
Bunny Jack Rebel
Max Duke Faira
Rusty Misty Xica
Rosabel Roxy Bullet
Ali Faye Kindra
Benji Pharaoh Karson


Click here to see the list of dogs adopted in 2004.

Although we find homes for hundreds of German Shepherd Dogs every year, we still have to turn away dozens of dogs every week because we are at capacity.  Our waiting-list of dogs that need to be rescued is always long -- too long.  Daily, we receive phone calls and emails from owners who can no longer keep their dog, or from good Samaritans who beg us to help a particular dog in a high-kill animal shelter or in a bad situation.  Although we would like to help every dog in need, our resources are stretched thin and we often don't have the finances necessary to help even one more dog.  Please click here to find out how to make a contribution so that we can continue to rescue these beautiful creatures.

Just after Christmas of 2004, we watched in horror as a Tsunami devastated many parts of South-East Asia and Africa.  We are all deeply saddened by this tragic event, and encourage everyone to make a donation to help the survivors of this terrible natural disaster.  Click here to find out how to make a contribution to the American Red Cross.


Although we try to post ALL of the dogs on the web page, some of them come into the rescue and get adopted before we can even take their picture!  We will try to put as many of the dogs up on the web site as possible.  We find great homes for anywhere from 20 to 30 German Shepherd Dogs a month, so check back often!



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